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performance marketing

/ˈpə(r)ˈfɔː(r)məns mɑː(r)kɪtɪŋ/

Performance marketing is a measurement based advertising approach, in which the merchant is paying for the performance of the ad (E.g. cost per click, cost per thousand impressions). Thus allowing for scalable direct response results.

Definition by Tobias Heckmann


Renexus Media is a Facebook Ads marketing agency. Providing you with highly converting ad campaigns.

With 2 billion users, Facebook is the biggest online market place for advertising. While it has become increasingly competitive. Achieving good results and high returns is definitely still possible! 

We help businesses in E-commerce, SaaS, Digital Products and Service Businesses to scale their offerings to a large group of potential customers.

We provide a tailored approach for each business we work with focus on funnel, ad creative & campaign management.

Tobias Heckmann

3 Important Factors That Set Us Apart!

Successful Marketing does not need a Secret Formula!

Content First

If you have good content, you have already won 95% of the game! Good content allows you to achieve lower ad costs and as a result drastically improves campaign performance.

Scaling Your Audience

One of the hardest things to achieve, is getting your content seen by as many people as possible in your desired niche. While good content is a necessity, we apply proven strategies to deliver your content to more and more people over time & grow your customerbase for long-term results.

Flexibility & Individuality

In this business there is no one size fits all solution. Businesses are very different in their goals & values. As a result, we provide the right strategy tailored to your desired goals!


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